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The United Way has 22,000 reasons to be thankful

united wayThe Bobby Ehrlich foundation presented board members with a check for more than $22,000 at the board meeting for the United Way of Jackson and George County.

“About a year ago, they told us that they were going to use United way for the charity of choice and our board approved for them to do this fundraising event,” explains Carolyn Moore, the CEO of the United Way of Jackson and George County.

The fundraiser event was held at the Grand Magnolia on May 6th and included a silent auction. Over 200 tickets were sold and many donations were also made that night.

“This was a way to honor their father Buddy Ehrlich, who passed with cancer and it was a wonderful event and we had a wonderful time,” says Moore.

The United Way of Jackson and George County funds 19 agencies as well as gives out community impact grants. They also have a community research center that helps the community with basic needs.

“It’s going to help fund the 19 agencies that we partner with as well as community impact grants. It basically goes into our general fund to help the people of Jackson and George County.”

On behalf of the United Way of Jackson and George County, Carolyn Moore would like the Ehrlich family to know how appreciative they are of their contribution.

“It was a pleasure meeting his kids, their father raised them right,” says Moore.

For more information about the United Way of Jackson and George County, call 228-762-7662 or visit their


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