Unity – Where U and I Belong

The Bible is filled with stories that describe and give us a vivid image of unity. I believe there is a particular set of verses that paint this picture beautifully found in the Book of Psalms. Psalms 133:1-3 can be paraphrased to say where there is unity God commands the blessing. I’ve found it to be true that the quality of our life is not just determined by who we are, it is equally impacted by who we are in alignment with.

So what exactly is unity? How do we define unity? Unity is not so much everyone being the same or uniformity, but everyone understanding each other’s uniqueness, diversity and still operating in unison, as one, as a family. Unity is family. This is the greatest gift we can give a leader, coach, a parent, a boss, etc. Why is that important? Because, where there is unity, there is a blessing. (See Psalms 133:1-3)

When you are a part of a family, you get to partake in the family’s blessing. For example, if my wife wins a million dollars, I win a million dollars. If my wife gets a new car, I get a new car. If my wife gets pregnant, she gets pregnant. However, in a family, when one of us wins, we all win. This is key to our lives because the number one killer of unity is comparison and competition. And we were not created to compete with one another. We are made to complete one another. We’re family. Where there is unity, there is opportunity. Opportunity to serve, opportunity to bless, to encourage, to lift up. Where there is unity it’s never just about you. Unity is where you and I belong.

Where there is unity there is community. The enemy hates unity. He hates harmony. He hates peace. He will always attack institutions that represent and foster unity: families, teams, churches, schools, organizations etc. He wants us divided because if he can isolate you, he doesn’t have to destroy you. We will destroy ourselves. The best way to beat a family, the best way to beat a team, is to isolate them one by one. Where unity is absent, disunity is present. Without unity we cannot move forward. Nothing can derail the destiny God has in store for you faster than disunity. Anywhere there is unity you will find the enemy. When you are in disunity you leave your team to join the enemy.

Once you and I are unified, you no longer have team members, you have family members. A team plus unity equals family. In life we do not go as far as our dreams, we go as far as our team. Unity is where you and I belong!


Written by Will Ceaser


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