USM HCLC Academic Committee hosts résumé workshop

On September 30th, the Honors College Leadership Council (HCLC) hosted a résumé workshop, lovingly called the “Build-a-Résumé Workshop.” The purpose of this event was to create a more fun and laid-back atmosphere for students to be able to speak about résumé building and ask any questions they may have. Rusty Anderson, the director of the University of Southern Mississippi Career Services, was also there, presenting and answering questions alongside the students.

To start off, we presented a brainstorming activity, in which we asked everyone to take a moment to think about their goals, what they are proud of that they’ve done already, and a skill or unique talent they may have. This was an easy way to get people talking, and we were able to learn just a little bit about everyone who attended!

Next, the Build-a-Résumé Workshop talked through all of the necessary steps to build a résumé, including sections revolving around objectives, experience, education, awards/achievements/leadership, and skills.

Though these were the main components laid out in the presentation, we were sure to make it very clear that this was simply an example; lots of resumes are different in many ways, and that is how it’s supposed to be! Something that Anderson also reminded us of is that templates are to be avoided, as they are both limiting and unoriginal. A résumé is meant to showcase who you are, which can’t be done if you only have two blank spaces to write your achievements.

Through the event, we had lots of interesting questions, as well as career guides and rubrics handed out by Career Services. Last but not least, we handed out bear keychains for everyone to have as a keepsake regarding this event. It is our personal hope that everyone was able to leave feeling more confident than they were when they walked in!

In essence, the HCLC Academic Committee’s main goal is to keep their fellow classmates motivated in their studies by offering tutoring, events, and helping out with University Forum. The idea is to be there every step of the way for one’s college education, so they feel secure and remember why we love learning in the first place. To keep up with future events hosted by Academic Committee (and others), follow the USM Honors College Instagram!


Written by Kelli Kirkland

Kelli Kirkland is originally from Slidell, Louisiana and lives part time on the Southern Miss college campus. She has a passion for writing and has two books currently available on Amazon!


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