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What is Crooked Feather?

Have you ever noticed the Indian head sculpture on the side of Highway 90 between Ocean Springs and Biloxi? Ever wondered its story? Well, did some extensive research so we could inform the community of this gem found in Ocean Springs.

The sculpture, named Crooked Feather, was originally built in 1976 by Peter Wolf Toth and portrays the face and neck of an Indian man with a feather sticking out of his headband. Toth is a Hungarian sculptor who created a series of sculptures throughout the U.S. and Canada called the Trail of the Whispering Giants, which honors Native Americans. There are over 74 sculptures within the series and Jackson County’s very own Ocean Springs is home to the 17th sculpture he made. Each sculpture is 20 to 40 feet tall and are all made of wood.

The Crooked Feather Sculpture was made from 2000 year old cypress log and painted red. This particular log was one of the last remaining cypress logs from the Cumbest Mill in Wade, MS. The Ocean Spring Chamber of Commerce sponsored the sculpture and locals donated materials and aided Toth.

Unfortunately, the sculpture you see today is a replacement that exactly resembles the original. Due to rotting and termites, the City of Ocean Springs hired local sculptor Thomas King to make the replacement because the city thought Toth had already passed.

Many people throughout the U.S. come to Ocean Springs to see this sculpture while on vacation or during the quest to see every Trail of Whispering Giants sculpture. Nonetheless, the Crooked Feather is a must-see for visitor and locals.

More information for the Crooked Feather Sculpture can be found in Ocean Springs Archives at



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