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Why you should experience the Mississippi Blues Trail

The Crossroads in Clarksdale is where Robert Johnson supposedly traded his soul to the devil in order to attain musical success.

World-renowned as the “Birthplace of America’s Music,” Mississippi has literally shaped the course of modern music with its contributions to blues, jazz, rock, country, and gospel. Did you know that more famous blues musicians have come from Mississippi than anywhere else in the country? The Mississippi Delta truly is the heart of it all when it comes to authenticity and inspired sounds.

Experience The Mississippi Blues Trail and learn everything and then some about the state’s storied musical history. From birthplace homes to the gravestones of legends, a road trip through the Delta will open your eyes and stir your soul, as you witness first hand the people, places, and the energy that influenced much of the music we listen to today.

So, how do you navigate The Mississippi Blues Trail? With an app, of course! The Blues Trail app is free and full of information. You can even create a custom itinerary based upon your interests, with turn-by-turn directions.

While on your journey, the app allows you to download blues classics via iTunes as you stand knee-deep in the cotton fields where the songs were born. You will also be connected with films and recordings that bring the blues to life for you. These add-ons create a cultural experience and allow you to take a step back into time, and be a part of history in the making.

There are over 200 of the famous blue signs in the region that indicate a Mississippi Blues Trail marker. Most of them are clustered around the Mississippi Delta but others can also be found in Tupelo, Columbus, and the Memphis area.

Some of the more popular and notable stops along the Mississippi Blues Trail include: 

BB King Museum, Indianola

Blues Front Cafe, Bentonia

Dockery Farms, Cleveland

Gateway to the Blues Museum, Tunica

Ground Zero Blues Club, Clarksdale

Po Monkey’s Lounge, Merigold

Robert Johnson’s Grave, Greenwood

Whether you’re a die-hard music fan or a casual traveler in search of an interesting trip, you’ll find facts you didn’t know, places you’ve never seen, and you’ll gain a new appreciation for the area that gave birth to the blues.

To learn more about The Mississippi Blues Trail or to download the app, visit their website.

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