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Why You Should Visit the Hattiesburg Zoo

When I was in college in Hattiesburg, I never thought much about stopping at the Hattiesburg Zoo. However, years later, when I moved back to Hattiesburg with a young child, I decided to give it a try. I was honestly very impressed, and I think it can offer a lot to families if they visit as well. I’ll start by giving you some general information about the zoo and then our experience with our visit.

General Information You Should Know About the Zoo

First of all, you can find the Hattiesburg Zoo’s website here: Hattiesburg Zoo

On the website, they give information on admission costs, as well as the attractions that they offer. They also have various events throughout the year. One of our favorites has been Zoo Boo. Tickets to this event have included unlimited events on the carousel and the train. Last year, they had a Monster Mash dance party, games, as well as a big bounce house for the kids. There was a lot of candy being given away, and generally, it was a “Spooktacular” event!

Another fun event is the Sloth Experience, which you can find more information about on this page: Sloth Experience. You can help feed a sloth and experience an up-close encounter with a sloth!

Thus, there are a lot of interesting and fun events at the zoo!

Our Experience at the Zoo

One of my favorite things about this zoo is that there’s a variety of things for kids to do. Of course, there are the animals to see. However, there’s a fun splashpad with areas to sit and relax.

They also have a place for kids to play. We love the anthill! Kids can slide down this hill on lunch trays. Or surf down it!

They also have a high ropes adventure course for young and older kids:

There are more things to do than what I mentioned, but these are some of the main ones.

Final Thoughts on the Hattiesburg Zoo

There aren’t just animals to see at the zoo. The kids can experience the splash pad, the adventures course, the anthill, the carousel, among other attractions! Thus, there’s no shortage of activities to engage in. So, I do think you get your money’s worth if you make a visit and spend some time there. Don’t forget to stop at the gift shop too!

And by the way, since Hattiesburg is where the University of Southern Mississippi is, you can get a look at some Golden Eagles as you walk into the zoo.


Written by Tamra Cater

I am married, and I also have a 4-year-old daughter. I earned my Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi, and I have been teaching psychology classes over the past 10 years. As a professor and as a parent, I grew to love learning anything about child development. I recently turned that into a passion for helping other parents by starting my own blog at


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