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Why you should visit the vibrant coastal city of Bay St. Louis

Often named one of the best places to live in Mississippi, the quaint seaside city of Bay St. Louis offers something for everyone.

Enjoy the Bay’s white sand beaches with the family, peek through the downtown art galleries and antique stores for one-of-a-kind shopping, learn more about the history of the city by visiting local attractions, or even indulge in the leisurely—and sometimes competitive—sports of golf and charter fishing with friends. Bay St. Louis delivers fun with a view!

Thankfully, Hurricane Katrina couldn’t hold this town down, and more than 15 years later, Bay Saint Louis is a vibrant community that welcomes all visitors with genuine kindness and southern hospitality.

Regardless of what type of local or traveler you might be, there is something for you in Bay Saint Louis.

Live Oak trees mean a lot to Bay Saint Louis residents. So when Katrina destroyed many of their trees, the town salvaged them by turning them into “angel trees.” Dayle K. Lewis, an Indiana chainsaw artist, created these six angel trees that are now located throughout the town.

The “angel trees,” created by Dayle K. Lewis, scattered throughout Bay St. Louis

If you want to experience a delicious and local dining experience, go to Starfish Cafe. The restaurant is famous for its tasty food and how they value their community while also training up-and-coming culinary rock stars.

The cafe’s ingredients, such as vegetables, herbs, and spices, come from their own backyard and the rest are locally sourced. Their menu is always changing and will, of course, depend on the ingredients they have available. Another fun fact about the Starfish Cafe is that there are no prices printed on their menus. Why? The diners simply pay what they want, encouraging all to come to Starfish. Much like the rest of Bay St. Louis, everyone is welcome!

This charming city is also home to one of the best Southern Gospel Choirs in the country at St. Rose de Lima Catholic Church. The church’s altar features an extraordinary mural of an African Christ figure rising before a live oak tree. St. Rose de Lima will make you want to attend church just to hear their choir sing!

Sign in Old Town Bay St. Louis

On top of all of that, the arts are alive and well in Bay St. Louis, and they’re proud to keep it that way with their Creative Arts Center. The center is a gathering space for emerging arts, and they even offer classes for everything from pottery to metal works.

Not only does Bay St. Louis offer up beautiful sandy beaches, but they also offer free parking! So bring your beach gear and plan to stay awhile!

Bay St. Louis has so many positive qualities to offer, so I suggest you go ahead and start planning your trip. To learn more about Bay St. Louis and upcoming coastal events, click here.

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