3 Ingredient Energy Snack for the Go

Peanut butter, Oats, and honey. Three ingredients that combined together can make a healthy snack to give you energy. These are snacks that do not take long to make and are super simple. They are healthy and will help control your hunger so you do not snack on unhealthy foods.

Let’s talk about the health benefits of the three ingredients. Peanut Butter is very fulfilling. This allows you to not be craving the empty calorie snacks that have unhealthy carbs and fats in them. Peanut butter also has a good amount of protein which helps boost your energy source. This is a healthy energy that will last and not the one that will make you crash like sugar or energy drinks. It also has iron, magnesium, and potassium which helps with circulation. To help with bowel health, it has that good ole fiber.

What about the oats? These are filled with nutrition. Oats have very important vitamins, fiber, protein, and carbs. I know I said carbs, but carbs are good. This is where most of your energy comes from. You have to make sure you are eating healthy carbs. Oats are also good to eat for breakfast.

Honey? This is your sweetener that does not have all the bad sugars in it. Honey has also been shown to lower cholesterol.


Peanut Butter Oat Square Recipe


    1. Quaker Oats
      Creamy Peanut Butter


    I heated my honey and peanut butter together in a pot on the stove so they would be smooth. You can totally do this in your microwave too. Then you mix in your oats. Then press the mixture into a lined 9×9 pan that is sprayed lightly with cooking spray to prevent sticking. If you like them somewhat softer and gooier, let them sit out in room temp. If you would like them more firm, toss them in the fridge. Once they are firm and the way you like them, cut them into squares and enjoy.

    This process should take you around 15 min. Hope you enjoy. These squares are good for an at-work snack or an after school snack for the kids. Stay healthy.


Written by christian Johnston

Assistant Athletic Trainer at Delta State University. 2019 Athletic Trainer of the year. 6 years served in the Mississippi National Guard.


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