5 Reasons Why a Good Nights Rest is Good for Your Health

  Sleep is a very important part of our Health
    Many people like to live by the saying, I can sleep when I am dead.
    By not getting enough sleep, that could be quicker than you think.
    With the fast pace world that we live in, it is becoming more and more difficult to get a good night’s sleep.
    Here are 5 great reasons why good sleep is important
    1. Better Sleep Means Better Productivity and Concentration
    Sleep is very important for different aspects of brain function.
    The brain can repair and regenerate at night while sleeping.
    By getting a proper night’s sleep, you can be more alert throughout the day.
    When you can concentrate more, you can be more productive in your work.
    So many of us think that long hours at work is what productivity is.
    Take a step back and look at your day’s work.
    Were you productive in the work you were doing, or is it just taking you longer to get a task done?
    When we do not get enough sleep at night, we tend to take longer on task than if we had gotten the proper amount of sleep.
    If the task is not life or death (truly) and the deadline is not tomorrow, find a good stopping point and spend time with your family and get a good night’s rest.
    2. Proper sleep helps with unwanted weight gain
    I am not saying that you are going to sleep the weight off even though that would be nice.
    I am not saying that if you get the proper amount of sleep you will be able to eat what you want and never exercise.
    Sleep is something that can help you control weight gain.
    When you are tired and the brain is not functioning at its peak level, you are more likely to make bad health decisions.
    That Debbie cake and energy drink start to look so good.
    Not having energy makes it harder to be motivated to exercise.
3. Athletic Performance
    Since we are getting the sleep we need, we have better concentration and the energy we need to perform.
    This will lead to improved speed on a run, accuracy, reaction times, and mental well being.
    By getting out and doing Athletic events such as running, walking, pickleball, basketball, volleyball, etc., you are more likely to choose healthier habits.
4. Calorie intake will be less
    Individuals who do not receive enough sleep, are most often going to have a bigger apatite.
    This means more calories will be consumed.
    Since you do not have the energy to work out, those calories will not be burned off.
5. Keep that strong immune system
    During sleep, your body is in repair and rebuild mode.
    During an infection or illness, certain cytokines need to increase.
    Lack of sleep does not allow this process to happen so your body is not at its peak fighting mode on the illness.
The Takeaway
    Make sure you are getting a good night’s sleep.
    How much is enough?
    It all depends on your body.
    Researchers have said between 6-8 hours a night is recommended.
    There are a few people out there that run on 5 hours a night.
    A good night’s sleep is disturbed sleep.
    If you have kids, I know you are thinking that is not happening.
    Good LUCK.
    Enjoy your family and get some good sleep.
    The best way to determine if you are getting enough is if you are tired all day, you are not.


Written by christian Johnston

Assistant Athletic Trainer at Delta State University. 2019 Athletic Trainer of the year. 6 years served in the Mississippi National Guard.


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