7 Fun Outdoor Activities for the Holidays

It’s the holiday season, so you may be looking for activities to enjoy the magic of this time of year! Fortunately, it doesn’t get terribly cold in our state, which makes it a lot easier to indulge in some fun outdoor activities. In addition, these outdoor activities may become a yearly tradition for your family!

1. Go See Christmas Lights

If you live in a place that has a lot of people that have decorated for Christmas, gather the family up and go for a stroll around the neighborhood. Grab some hot chocolate (or coffee) in a travel mug and enjoy the lights! However, if you’d rather, there are some community light displays that you may like. For example, Gulfport, MS has its annual Gulfport Harbor Lights Festival. At this Festival, there is a display of choreographed Christmas tree lights. Aside from this, you can also visit Santa, take a train ride throughout the park to see the lights, and enjoy carnival rides.

2. Cut Down Your Own Tree

If you’re looking to find the perfect Christmas tree and, perhaps, a new family tradition, visit a Christmas Tree Farm. When buying a tree from a Mississippi Christmas tree farm, you are also supporting the local economy.  There are two listed Christmas tree farms in Saucier, MS. Holly Berry Hills Christmas Tree Farm is one of those; however, they stated on their Facebook page that they had run out of Christmas trees for this year. Gartman’s Tree Farm is the other one in Saucier, and they may still have trees. Or if you wish, you can consider Thomley’s Christmas Tree Farm in Hattiesburg, MS.

3. Go Christmas Caroling

Grab some family and friends and organize a Christmas caroling party to celebrate the season in your neighborhood! While Christmas caroling is not as popular as it once was, it is still a tradition in some families and organizations. If this is your first time Christmas caroling, some tips include picking 3-4 easier songs that everyone knows the lyrics to and sticking to a timeline such as going around the neighborhood right after dinner and before children’s typical bedtime. It may also be fun to bring along some instruments such as sleigh bells and kazoos.

4. Perform an act of Kindness

Performing an act of kindness outdoors may help get you in the holiday spirit! There are lots of possibilities from writing encouraging words on a sidewalk so that people that pass by can see them, leaving treats on a neighbor’s porch, or picking up trash at a local park. You might also make a little free library, so that those in the neighborhood can read and share books.

5. Make a Natural Christmas Ornament

There are lots of ornaments that can be made from materials found in nature. If you need inspiration, check out these examples: DIY Natural Christmas Ornaments or Nature Inspired Christmas Ornaments.

6. Make Magic Reindeer Food

This is a fun activity to do with kids, grandkids, nieces, and nephews. Kids can make this as a special treat for the reindeer,  as well as use it to guide the reindeer to their homes. If you want to make it safe for small children or other small critters, use colored or glittery sprinkles rather than true glitter. For instructions, as well as cute tags to go along with the reindeer food, go here: Magical Reindeer Food. On Christmas Eve, take the kids outside to sprinkle it in the yard!

7. Decorate an Outdoor Christmas Tree

You can always find the perfect natural tree to decorate, or you can choose to buy an artificial tree that is specific to the outdoors. Be sure that all decorations, lights, and toppers are labeled indoor/outdoor safe. In addition, use shatterproof ornaments that can withstand the elements outdoors. Last of all, don’t risk losing all of your hard work due to the wind or the elements, so ensure that your tree is staked down well!

Get the family outdoors and enjoy this holiday season with these ideas!


Written by Tamra Cater

I am married, and I also have a 4-year-old daughter. I earned my Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi, and I have been teaching psychology classes over the past 10 years. As a professor and as a parent, I grew to love learning anything about child development. I recently turned that into a passion for helping other parents by starting my own blog at


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