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A hole in the wall with history

Photo courtesy of AMFM Magazine

Go ahead and put The Julep Room on your list of places to go, period!

The Julep Room is located in the cellar underneath Aunt Jenny’s Catfish Parlor, an antebellum building with original rolled bricks and history galore. This historic structure has been used as a music venue for over 60 years!

From its obscure cellar location to the beautiful marshes of Ocean Springs that surround it, lure and mystery set the stage for a fun and memorable experience with friends.

As you walk through the iconic doors of The Julep Room, you will be taken back to a time when legends such as Elvis Presley and Billie Holiday frequented The Julep Room. It is known that Elvis would come regularly and sit in the corner booth in the back.

The Julep is more than a bar; it is a true-blue lounge with storied walls and a colorful past, which might explain why the bar, as well as Aunt Jenny’s, is allegedly haunted!

At some point during the life of this building, it was known to have been an asylum. There have been several accounts of inexplicable happenings, such as faucets mysteriously turning on, as well as an unplugged jukebox starting up on its own, and then playing songs from records that weren’t ever even in the jukebox!

The most fascinating of these accounts is the mystery of the phantom patron. This dark-haired ghost is dressed in a white shirt and black pants and often asks visitors to buy him a drink and quickly disappears after making his request.

Is this the ghost of an asylum patient? Or, could it be Elvis Presley? I guess we’ll never truly know!

With live music played daily, delicious catfish, and drinks fit for “The King,” one thing is for sure, The Julep Room is a one-of-a-kind bar and experience.



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