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Box Turtle facts you might not know

Box Turtles are often active this time of year. We find them in our yards and crossing the streets. Some fun facts about our reptile friends.

  • They live about 40 to 60 years on average. Some may live as old as 100 years.
  • Box turtles need to eat both vegetables and living creatures to stay healthy. They often catch and eat worms and crickets.
  • Turtles live in a one-mile radius their entire life. If moved, they can become stressed and will attempt to find their way back home.
  • Box turtles do swim, but they do not live in the water.
  • After mating, the females will lay between 2 to 8 eggs. They will dig a nest with her hind legs, lay the eggs, and leave. The mama turtle will not guard the nest. It takes 70-120 days for the babies to hatch.
  • Another Box Turtle fact: a male turtle’s eyes are usually red while a females’ eyes are brown.

If you come across a turtle, give it some room and enjoy its company. The Box Turtle will move on, and hopefully will be back again another day.


Written by John Dolan

A resident of Ocean Springs, John is passionate about art, music, and entertainment. A writer, film maker, and an at home chef.

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