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Did You Know Pass Christian Has an Enchanted Nature Trail?

Many of us have read about enchanted forests in fairy tales before, but do they really exist? The answer is, yes, they do – right here in Pass Christian!

The trail is designed with children in mind, but it is an activity for all ages to enjoy. This magical trail is one of a kind, full of interactive play stations, stunning wildflowers, and so many beautiful sights to see.

When you arrive at the nature trail, a trailhead is marked with a sign, which includes a map of the route and the surrounding forest to ensure no one gets lost and everyone gets to Narnia and back…literally.

In this 1/4 mile hike, you will visit Narnia, Neverland, The Shire, Terabithia, and more. There are storybook bridges to cross in the beautiful marshlands of the coast, and don’t forget to look for enchanted fairy houses along the way!

Walk through a tunnel of vines and wonderment and explore all there is to see at the “Insect Hotel.” Children and adults alike will enjoy seeing where the bayou bugs stay. There are countless opportunities to be creative, including a station to create nature collages and tree ring art.

Pack a storybook to read, or tell one of your own in the story circle, which is a series of tree stumps that visitors can sit on while they experience Mississippi’s very own enchanted forest.

Would you like to take a virtual tour of The Enchanted Nature Trail? Follow along the trail with The Pass Christian Library here.

The Enchanted Nature Trail is at Henderson Point, located near Hwy 90 and Fort Henry Rd. in Pass Christian. To get there, turn North onto Fort Henry Rd. from Hwy 90, and you’ll see a driveway, which leads to the parking area, on your left.



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