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Enjoy one of the best hikes in Mississippi with Clark Creek

When you think about hiking in Mississippi what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it waterfalls? Probably not. For me it would be a definite no to the waterfall question, my first thought would be of our pine savannahs. Yet, just a couple of hours from the coast, a plethora of waterfalls is what you’ll find at the Clark Creek Nature Area.

My husband and I recently packed up our kiddos and the dog and headed toward Natchez with the hopes of a camping adventure filled with quality family time. On our way to Natchez, we took a detour to hike a trail I heard had several waterfalls. Clark Creek Nature Area is a state park nestled in Woodville, Mississippi. According to the website, it comprises more than 700 acres and has some 50 waterfalls ranging in size. Being lovers of hiking and of course a good waterfall we decided to make a lunch pitstop and see what the trail had in store for us.

At the trailhead, you will find the comfort station and parking area to set off down the miles of trails that will take you to the waterfalls. Having two smaller people with us and a slighter rounder than necessary dog, we stuck to the improved trails which took us to two of the waterfalls. The improved trails are a bit steep at parts, but they’re all doable. The air was rather cool down by the cascading water, and we enjoyed the peaceful sounds as our sons explored the beauty of nature.

The first waterfall did not disappoint, and we were looking forward to the second. We made our way to waterfall #2 on the map. This fall was a little harder to navigate with the steeper stairs into the creek area. My youngest was not having it, so while he stayed with dad, my oldest son and I climbed our way in for a closer look. For my son, who is nine years old, this was a grand adventure. Huge boulders needed tackling along with an opportunity to shimmy across a fallen log (the mom in me was a little nervous honestly with the size of the rocks, but the adventurer in me was excited to see his sheer enjoyment of the outdoors). The second waterfall ended up being even more beautiful than the first.

After the second waterfall, we decided to head back to the car. In total, our hike was just over two miles, and it was two miles my family will remember for years to come. Even the dog enjoyed himself and slept the rest of the way to our campsite at Natchez State Park.

The rest of the camping trip was filled with relaxation and some competitively played card games (Skipbo is our go-to favorite). In the end, I was glad we took the detour. This adventure is yet another reason why I am grateful to live in the beautiful state of Mississippi. A place filled with potential family adventure and even some surprising waterfalls.


Written by Jessica Rankin


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