Great Shrimp Recipe for Sunday Brunch

Photo courtesy of Julian Brunt.

When is the last time you went to a fresh seafood market or visited one of our harbors for the freshest shrimp ever? Most people who do not live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast are envious that we can walk out on a dock and buy shrimp caught just hours before. Most of the country lives on frozen. 

I must admit I am guilty of not buying and cooking enough local seafood. It doesn’t make much sense. I love shrimp! One of my New Year’s resolutions is to start having friends over for Sunday brunch again (It was a habit that COVID-19 took from me), but I am getting back into it and shrimp will definitely be on the menu! 

I love to fry almost anything, and shrimp is a favorite. A Vietnamese friend gave me this recipe years ago and I am very fond of it:

Toss peeled shrimp in tempura powder, let them sit until tacky, then toss in panko breadcrumbs, then fry. As always, do not overcook. As soon as the shrimp start to take on color, they are done within 1-2 minutes. Serve immediately.

One of my all-time favorite books is When French Women Cook. There are tons of good recipes in it, along with a wonderful story about life in France so many years ago, but the simple shrimp (shell on) simmered in fresh cream is the best. Served with crusty French bread, what could be better?

Another favorite of mine is another simple recipe: sautéed shrimp, Conecuh smoked sausage and Two Brooks rice. Start with a base of the Holy Trinity, fry the sausage separately, then combine it all. There is just something wonderful about the smokey sausage and shrimp.


Written by Julian Brunt

Julian Brunt is a food and travel writer that has been writing about the food culture of the Deep South for over a decade. He is the eleventh generation of his family to live in the South, grew up in Europe, traveled extensively for the first fifteen years after graduating from the University of Maryland, University College, Heidelberg, Germany. Today, he's a contributor for multiple publications, including Our Mississippi Home. He's also appeared on Gordon Ramsay's television show, "To Hell and Back in 24 Hours."


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