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Hickory Hills Golf Club in Gautier set to re-open

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Hickory Hill Investments announced this week the purchase of Hickory Hill Country Club and with this purchase, Phase 1 to re-open the Gautier golf course and other improvements, are now underway.

Hickory Hill Golf Course was shut down on November 30 of last year and put up for sale, with its former owners citing dried up revenues, disabling them from being able to secure a $350,000 cart lease renewal, and having to shut down the 18-hole semi-private golf course located at 900 Hickory Hill Drive in Gautier.

Area homeowners expressed concerns over their home and property values with the closing of the golf course and the uncertainty of its future.

Troy Guillotte is part of the group that is purchasing Hickory Hill Country Club, which includes the golf course. He says he has a personal, vested interest in Hickory Hill Country Club and Golf Course as a Gautier resident who was born, raised and made a life and career in Jackson County and the Mississippi Gulf Coast and believes this week’s purchase will help ease local homeowners’ concerns.

“My partners and I have been busy working on Hickory Hill Country Club. On Monday, we purchased the golf course that we love and grew up on, where we hit our first golf ball, spent our summers and made life-long friends,” Guillotte said. “For the next 60 to 75 days, you will see my partners and me pouring our hearts and souls into this property that we love.”

John Peters is also a South Mississippi resident and part of the Hickory Hills Investments group that made the purchase. “I am thrilled about what the future holds for such a historic golf course,” Peters said.

Phase I is now underway and will provide employment and career opportunities in the area. Hickory Hill Golf Course is scheduled to open October 1. A restaurant is set to open November 1, and a new addition to the property, a swimming pool,  is scheduled to be completed near the end of the year.

This purchase by Hickory Hill Investments breathes new life into the golf course, property and area. Originally known as the Mississippi National Golf Club, the  golf course opened in 1965. The Gautier golf course boasts a course rating of 73.1 and a slope of 128 and is situated on some of the most breath-taking terrain the Mississippi Gulf coast has to offer. A 6,983 yard, par 72 layout is scenic with blossoming magnolias, radiant dogwoods, Spanish moss draped oaks and wildlife. Water comes into play on 10 holes, demanding strategy and strict shot placement.

Hickory Hill Golf Course has served as the venue for many high-profile and charitable events and local fundraisers over the years, including the Mississippi Coast Classic Nike Tour as well as a fundraiser to help in the recovery of an assault victim back in 2015 and a 2018 fundraiser to help local police officer, Lt. Mark “Chi Chi” Rodriguez and his family in his fight against multiple sclerosis.

Guillotte and Peters say the property and golf course will soon once again provide a venue not only for charitable events and fundraisers for the local community but also a place for golfers to hit the green and enjoy the view while also providing much-needed jobs and helping to drive forward the local economy.

“We anticipate months and years of hard work ahead of us, and we hope many people in our community will come out and enjoy this beautiful property,” Guillotte said. “We will be giving regular updates as to how the project is coming along, and if you are in the neighborhood, please stop by to check on our progress.”



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