New Amphitheater and Pascagoula Point Now More Pet Friendly

The City Council in Pascagoula approved new boundaries and locations for dog owners who want to take their pets to City locations. Citizens can find the new boundary for having a dog “off leash” at Pascagoula Beach. That area now includes the area between Market Street and Hague Street but requires owners to have command of their pets at all times and increases the fines for not picking up and properly disposing of waste.

Included in the legislation is specific legislation allowing dog owners to have their pets on a leash at Point Park. “With the completion of the new amphitheater, and the new sidewalk and amenities connecting the Beach Avenue Promenade to the Point, we wanted to make sure responsible pet owners could bring their entire family along for outings and enjoy this beautiful area,” said Mayor Dane Maxwell. The “off leash” dog park at River Park remains available to pet lovers, along with a designated area at I. G. Levy Park North, adjacent to the Scranton Nature Center. Dogs must be on a leash in the remainder of I. G. Levy Park North and are not allowed at all in I. G. Levy Park South.

Fines for failing to collect and properly dispose of pet waste when on city property has been increased to $500.00




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