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July 8, 2020
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Pascagoula Businessman Sticks Close to Home with New Building

One Pascagoula businessman said he never considered building his new office anywhere else but in the city, he and most of his clients call home. “It was the only choice for me if I was going to expand and grow. I wasn’t going to do it anywhere else,” said Jason Keenum.

Jason Keenum CPA is not leaving Jackson Avenue, but the new office currently under construction is set to bring a fresh, modern update to the business landscape in that area. Keenum hopes that this new building starts a trend of new construction and new businesses for the local economy.  “I’m not trying to be a trailblazer and spur development, but I think Pascagoula needs some new development,” Keenum said.
What’s Keenum’s advice for business owners in Pascagoula? Be an active part of the community you serve to build loyalty between you and your clients.

“If you’re involved in the community, you get to know the ins and outs of not just that community, but what people want, what they need,” Keenum said. “If you’re involved, you hear everything.” Keenum said that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has caused some delays in the construction process, but he expects his new office to open this fall.

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