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RESPONSE: “10 Most Dangerous Cities in Mississippi for 2020”


Last week an article hit social media that had many residents of Pascagoula, and the coast as a whole scratching their head. How did Pascagoula become dubbed the most dangerous city in Mississippi? Granted, crimes are committed in every city. City governments and law enforcement work diligently to protect and serve in those places, especially in Mississippi. But Pascagoula? Most dangerous?

This is a prime example of why we MUST control the narrative of our state, and communities within. No stance is being taken to act so naively that crime doesn’t happen in Pascagoula, but this is an example of poor research and journalism according to the Jackson County Sherriff’s office. The world of journalism is not as many remember. The internet is filled with sensationalized headlines (clickbait) to attract readers which in most cases do not have the knowledge of the subject matter being written about. Be sure to seek the truth. Our Mississippi Home would like to invite Mr. Kolmar to Pascagoula and the rest of the Gulf Coast so he experiences what we are all about for himself.

Recently a letter was released by the Jackson County Sherriff’s department about this article that was published. Our Mississippi Home received permission from Sherriff Mike Ezell himself to publish it. Readers, please keep in mind the Mississippi Gulf Coast is an amazing place to live, work, and play. There are so many benefits to our beautiful gulf coast and so much opportunity for businesses and residents. Try not to be fooled by some of these clickbait articles out there about the communities you live in.


You may also download the PDF by clicking here.


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