Resurrection Catholic School’s Eagle Foundation Marks One-Year Anniversary

For over 135 years, the tradition of Catholic education in Pascagoula has been providing an invaluable foundation of faith and education for young people in Jackson County.  And for the past year a dedicated group of community, business, and school leaders has been laying the groundwork to ensure the tradition of Catholic education in Pascagoula for the next 135+ years.

Last March the Eagle Foundation was created to support the endeavors and activities of Resurrection Catholic School (RCS) by providing long-term financial sustainability and quality of education.  The Foundation is governed by a 14-member board of directors including RCS Principal Noah Hamilton and Diocese of Biloxi’s Bishop Kihneman.

“Today at RCS, we stand on the shoulders of our former students, teachers, and community supporters of Our Lady of Victories, Sacred Heart, St. Peter’s, and Resurrection Catholic Schools.  It is our responsibility to continue this tradition of Catholic education that has existed for 137 years.  Please consider donating any resources, now or in the future to guarantee the long term financial stability and quality of education for decades to come,” said Henry Fox, Eagle Foundation President.

To-date the Foundation has received over $90,000 in gifts and an additional $10,000 in pledges from generous supporters.  More than $13,000 has been granted to benefit RCS so far with plans to continue to invest in academics, athletics, technology and infrastructure/capital improvements.

In their first year, the Eagle Foundation’s board of directors is proud to have gifted the following to RCS:

  • $2,500 towards RCS’s debt reduction initiative.
  • Three LocknCharge carts to provide more accessibility and increase the use of shared iPads/Chromebooks as well as secure, central storage centers for the devices.
  • AcuSpike Volleyball Team Trainer to enhance the training experience for the ladies’ volleyball team.

The Eagle Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Founding Board Members are Dr. Bud Ehlert, Mr. Jimmy Estabrook, Mr. Henry Fox (President), Mr. Walker Foster, Mr. Brian Hinkel, Mr. Stewart Keene, Mr. Jason Keenum (Treasurer), Dr. Randy Roth, Mrs. Amy St. Pé, Mr. Jerry St. Pé, Mrs. Erin Willcutt, Mr. Noah Hamilton (ex-officio), Mrs. Elsa Jeanne McVea (Secretary, ex-officio) and Bishop Louis F. Kihneman, III (ex-officio).

For more information or to make a donation, contact Elsa Jeanne McVea, RCS Director of Advancement at 228-762-3353 or [email protected].



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