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Step back in time with The Lucky Rabbit in Hattiesburg

Photo courtesy of The Lucky Rabbit

Have you been to The Lucky Rabbit? If not, you better hop on over to downtown Hattiesburg and check out this 15,000 square foot variety store full of unique finds and nostalgic treasures!

Featuring over 80 vintage vendors, local artisans, and creators, The Lucky Rabbit opened in 2013. Its owners, Brandon and Abby Thaxton, had “a small budget and a big vision.” Their vision has come to life, and now their store is a local favorite for Hattiesburgers and visitors alike.

If you’re a fan of HGTV’s Hometown, then you might have seen The Lucky Rabbit featured in some of their episodes in both 2019 and 2020!

What is the Lucky Rabbit, in the words of the owners? The Lucky Rabbit is “an eclectic vendor-based nostalgia store with a nice variety of old and new merchandise, gift items, handcrafted local items, collectibles, and vintage hands-on experiences.” The Lucky Rabbit has something for everyone from a functioning arcade to working payphone booths and nostalgic kitchenware!

The Thaxtons are always creating fun and funky additions for their store. These additions include but are not limited to a vintage blue bus that they attached to the back of the store. Inside the bus, customers will find a wide variety of Pyrex dishes and vintage glassware.

The bus looks like a 1950s diner inside, and ads from the sock-hop era play on a vintage television. Stepping onto this bus is like stepping back in time!

The Lucky Rabbit also offers a large selection of t-shirts, from local and comical Hub City shirts to Mississippi t-shirts, and of course, Lucky Rabbit logos. Much of their t-shirt selection, just like their displays, change with the seasons.

The store also focuses on fun displays that are great for photo ops such as a 1978 Westfalia Volkswagen Bus, a cute vintage camper, and nostalgic TV show recreations.

The Lucky Rabbit’s popularity continues to grow as they recreate the sets of shows such as The Office, Friends, Stranger Things, and Schitt’s Creek for shoppers to strike a pose in and share with friends, family, and social media. During the holiday season, they’ve recreated some of the most iconic sets from Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story…leg lamp included!

The Lucky Rabbit is located in the old Hawkins Hardware building (built in the 1920s) and is open every Saturday 9a-6p and Sunday 11a-5p. This unique treasure trove on Mobile St. is constantly restocking your favorite vintage finds, furniture, local nostalgia, unique gifts, and more!



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