Summer Wedding Etiquette

It’s officially summer, and with that comes the start of a hot wedding season! June is the most popular month of the year to get married. According to, the goddess Juno (for whom June is named) protected women in marriage, so a wedding in Juno’s month was considered good luck to the couple.

Here are some etiquette rules to help guide you through this season:


For Brides:
If you are the bride, ensure your wedding venue will provide lemonade or water for guests who may need refreshments in the summer heat. It’s essential that your guests stay happy and hydrated!

Provide fans for the ceremony if it is outside- monogram fans are a popular option! A paper fan goes a long way for us southerners! Even if the reception and ceremony are inside, guests can take fans as they step outside or keep them as a favor to use later at home.

A welcome bag is also a nice touch for out-of-town guests staying in hotels. Fill them with bottled water, snacks, headache medicine, mints, airplane bottles, and any other goodies you think they’ll like.

For a unique touch, hire a local ice cream truck or iced coffee stand to stop by as a treat for your guests. In New Orleans, sometimes a wedding will have a local snowball stand come and serve a sweet, iced treat for guests. Guests may enjoy frozen watermelon slices passed around during cocktail hour or incorporate frozen fruit into their specialty drink.

You may also want to make sure there is sunblock and bug spray available for those that need it if you have an outdoor ceremony or reception.

For guests:

Everyone knows not to wear black to a wedding, or for obvious reasons, white. With those two colors off the table, it can be challenging to plan what to wear. Some nice colors for summer are hot pink, pink, yellow, mint green, turquoise, orange, and even a floral print is appropriate. Dress codes are different for each wedding, but for a beach wedding, think about the sand and stick to nice sandals or flip-flops. For an outdoor wedding, you may choose to forgo the heels and wear wedges that will be more comfortable on the grass. Avoid dark colors and heavier fabrics. Long shimmery fabrics or silk are an excellent choice for keeping cool, along with loose or slit sleeves. A linen or cotton blend will not stick to your skin. Keep in mind that an indoor venue with low air conditioning temps may be chilly, so a loose shawl may be appropriate if you get chilled easily. Seersucker suits for men are suitable.

According to, guayabera shirts almost always count as appropriate wedding attire in the tropics. “Known more commonly as “Mexican wedding shirts,” these short-sleeved, button-down shirts usually have decorative square pockets and embroidery. They’re available in a huge variety of colors and styles. Most designer labels also have their version of the guayabera if you’re looking for something a little fancier.” also offers guidance on attending tropical weddings. “Tropical weddings are usually humid and hot, and you must dress accordingly.

Remember, always err on the dressier side of caution. If you’re not sure if what you’re planning to wear is formal enough, it’s probably not. Upgrade it a notch, and you’re sure to be just fine. As with a casual wedding, look for cotton sundresses and nice sandals or wedges. If the wedding is outside and the weather is blazing, consider topping the look off with a sunhat.

Happy wedding season!

*Featured photo courtesy of The Wedding Collection Bay St. Louis FB Page



Written by Kathryn Winter


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