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Take a bite out of boredom with an airboat swamp tour

Gulf Coast Gator Ranch & Tours in Moss Point is worth the experience

Seeing an alligator in the wild is always thrilling! It never seems to get old looking at these fierce, ancient reptiles. One exciting place to experience the swamp and find all sizes of American alligators is the Gulf Coast Gator Ranch & Tours in Moss Point, just off Highway 90.

Professional tours are available daily, board a high-speed airboat, and journey into the wild swamps of Moss Point and Pascagoula. Large beautiful birds, jumping fish, and hungry gators will surround you on this tour of the wetlands that borders the Grand Bay Estuary. Bring your excitement and don’t worry about anything else. The experienced professional guides will educate and treat you and the family to some fun in the natural wetlands.

“There are from 80 to 100 live gators at the ranch, with the largest being over 14 feet.” co-owner Eva Philip explained, “Some people come for the airboat rides, and others just like to see all the gators. The walking tours start as early as 8 a.m. every day.”

There is something for everyone. Inside the main building, you can find other vintage novelties, gator food, and a gift shop.

The airboats run nearly every half hour, so stop by at your leisure. If it is raining, please call ahead to check the schedule. There is so much to see and experience, you may want to bring your camera to capture the fun.

Website: Gulf Coast Gator Ranch & Tours

Location: 10300 Highway 90, Moss Point, MS


Written by John Dolan

A resident of Ocean Springs, John is passionate about art, music, and entertainment. A writer, film maker, and an at home chef.

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