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Walking tour? Boat ride? How can we spook you?

Old Town Bay St. Louis is a definite magnet for people searching for great restaurants, amazing boutiques and, of course, glorious white sandy beaches with incredible sunsets.

But could it also be a hotbed for old ghostly souls and unrestful spirits? Or a place to learn legends and lores of sinister pirates and explore local hauntings?

Mystic Ghost Rides and Walking Tours features Mystical Molly on a historical ghost city and cemetery walking tour spinning bizarre stories and tales from the past. History and legends are reckoned while visiting old cemeteries, and historical landmarks including the old city hall and the Cedar Rest Cemetery.

“We have both good and bad tales of the past,” Mystical Molly said. “You’ll hear everything from voodoo spells to ghost stories.”

And, if the haunting bayou melodies are calling you… there’s a pirate curse sunset cruise and several haunted bayou boat tours that sail through the back bayous of Bay St. Louis.

“There’s definitely good stories to be told on the water,” she said. “While we’re are out here on the night tours more things can be seen that you’ve never seen before.”

She described mysterious fogs that seem to roll up quickly and without reason and then retreat just as fast.

“And we’ve had people that have seen a lady in a blue rag dress,” she said. “People have heard Ruth. She’s the girl that lost her life near the bridge at Bayou Caddy.”

During the day boat trips remnants of broken ships are clear and visible. Those pieces of history found new resting places when Hurricane Katrina tossed them further ashore in 2005.

“The stories of all the lost lives that were washed up in these bayous just kind of adds to the paranormal activity in the area,” she said.

Crippled limbs of a decrepit and decaying oak tree hang over an area of Caddy Bayou, and often features a swirling mist.

“A lot of people have taken pictures of a woman with black hair and a boy right next to the swirly mist,” she said. “It’s nice and warm out right now, but a lot of times when we go by the area of the old oak tree there’s a huge drop in temperature. After we pass through that area the temperature returns to normal so there’s definitely paranormal activity in that area.”

Mystical Molly also spins tales about the reptilians of the devils swamp and Pirate Jean Laffite and his associates and the curse of the lost gold on Bayou Caddy. There’s even a disturbing and fractured fairy tale about Peter Rabbit and creepy Christmas bayou folklore.

Click here for additional information about the cemetery walk and boat tours.


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Written by Cherie Ward

Cherie Ward is an award-winning Mississippi Gulf Coast journalist with decades of experience in writing and photography. She lives in Ocean Springs with her husband and has two adult children who also live on the Coast.

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