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What draws people to Mississippi?

Mississippi may be an underrated state, and it may not be a state that most people think of as their ideal state to move to. I mean, you do have the dreadful summer heat to contend with as well as mosquitos. I’ll admit that I was one of those individuals that wasn’t sure if Mississippi was the greatest place to live. I, for example, wanted to live in Colorado and thought that it might be the ideal place to live, and while I did get to live there, it was not the best place for me and my happiness. In the end, it was Mississippi that suited me the best. So, what is there about Mississippi that draws people to it?

The first thing I did was poll our readers on their favorite things about Mississippi, and here is what they had to say.

1. The People (hospitality, community, etc.)

50% of respondents reported this as one of their favorite things. Mississippi has been nicknamed the Hospitality State, meaning our people are generally friendly and help each other out. For example, if you’ve ever had a flat tire, those that pass by are typically quick to offer a helping hand. In addition, when listening to people talk to each other, you often hear politeness reflected in how we address each other. For instance, you are likely to hear, “please, thank you, ma’am, or sir” everywhere you go.

2. Natural Resources (parks, beaches, etc)

Of our respondents, 28% said that this was one of their favorite things. There are beautiful scenes in Mississippi. For example, one of my favorites is driving down Highway 90 along the Mississippi Gulf Coast! Another beautiful place to visit is Ship Island, which is one of four Mississippi barrier islands. Or you might even try Deer Island, which is just off the coast of Biloxi. There are also 24 gorgeous state parks throughout the state.

3. Arts/Culture

Of our respondents, 7% of people said that they enjoyed this the most. Mississippi is wide open when it comes to creativity in dance, art, and music. If you love the performing arts such as plays and musicals, the Mississippi Gulf Coast is home to the Biloxi Little Theatre, the Gulfport Little Theater, and the Bay St. Louis Little Theater. Hattiesburg is home to the South Mississippi Ballet Theater, while Jackson boasts Thalia Mara Hall. On the music side of things, there’s a reason Mississippi is accredited with being the birthplace of the blues, which ultimately spurred the creation of rock ‘n’ roll.

4. History

Only 7% said that this was one of their favorite things about Mississippi. One interesting place to visit on the Mississippi Gulf Coast to experience some history is Beauvoir, the retirement home of Jefferson Davis. Fort Massachusetts, located on Ship Island, is another interesting historical landmark of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The purpose of building the fort was to protect the commerce occurring in the area, as well as to serve as a refueling and supply depot. Construction of the fort began in 1860, but it wasn’t completed until 1866. Jackson also features a lot of historical sites.

5. Food

And last of all, 8% said that food was their favorite. When I think of Mississippi cuisine, I think of fried chicken, fried okra, collard greens, and cornbread. But there are lots of other things too such as the state’s distinct barbeque and awesome gulf coast seafood! If you want to try some good Mississippi barbeque, visit the Shed in Ocean Springs, MS. For Mississippi soul food, try out Nana J’s Soulful Kitchen. I was surprised that only 8% said the food!


Mississippi is definitely an interesting place with an interesting culture. There are also beautiful places to see and visit, which make Mississippi a great place to be.

Do you have any other thoughts on your favorite things about Mississippi? If so, tell us in the comment section below.


Written by Tamra Cater

I am married, and I also have a 4-year-old daughter. I earned my Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi, and I have been teaching psychology classes over the past 10 years. As a professor and as a parent, I grew to love learning anything about child development. I recently turned that into a passion for helping other parents by starting my own blog at


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