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You don’t know the MS Gulf Coast until…

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I’m sitting here, writing this on a hot summer’s day, when I realize I have so many great memories of the Coast during the summer, such as taking Sea and Sail camp (as many Coast kids grow up doing). We survive the summer heat, and then comes football season, and while we don’t get much of a fall season, I remember some Halloweens being super cold while others were pretty warm.

Every Mardi Gras Queen prays for great weather on parade day. I distinctly remember one Fat Tuesday that was icy cold, and the forecast called for sleet, while others have been so hot even though it is technically winter.

Another favorite memory of mine growing up is “Christmas on the Water.: Having a cup of hot chocolate while watching all the magically decorated boats with lights and music was so much fun! There’s nothing like smelling the salt water and listening to the sound of the waves. When I lived in Oxford, I hated not being able to see the water. Just driving by the beach on the way to and from places is something I think we Coasties take for granted. I’m so glad I get to call this place home. Here’s my list of things only a true Coastie could dream up!

You don’t know the MS Gulf Coast until:
—You’ve been hit in the head by a Mardi Gras bead
—You’ve cracked open a cold Barq’s root beer in the bottle
—Had a PoBoy
—Experienced gumbo from Mary Mahoney’s
—Enjoyed a slice of Le Bakery king cake
—Been a part of a boat parade
—Put on a sweater in the morning and be hot all afternoon (just to be cold again in the evening)
—Weathered a hurricane (or many)
—Gone to a Seawolve’s hockey game
—Drank a bloody mary during an early Sunday morning Saint’s game
—Partied in downtown Ocean Springs
—Hit the slots at the Beau Rivage
—Survived love bug season or flying termite season
—Had too much fun at a Mardi Gras ball
—Attended a concert at the Coast Coliseum
—Gone shopping in Bay St. Louis
—Gotten a mouthful of Biloxi bay water while boating
—Enjoyed the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Biloxi
—-Attended the Neptune night parade
—-Suffered through a cold and rainy Fat Tuesday
—-Eaten crawfish, corn, and potatoes on a beautiful spring day
—-You’ve seen a waterspout
—Taken a day trip to Mobile or New Orleans
—Gone on a schooner ride
—Eaten raw oysters or shrimp fresh off the dock
—Had Yuki’s egg drop soup (RIP)
—Watched many gorgeous sunsets
—You’ve appreciated our many local artists (Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art)
—Had a piece of Brooklyn’s Pizza
—Enjoyed a Shucker’s game

What is on your “Coastie List?”

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Written by Kathryn Winter


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